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Talking with educators in the last year about the importance of, and potential for, online annotation, I refer often to the work of the folks at When I get puzzled looks from teachers or the predictable, "so what?" from school leaders after I show someone how to mark an online text using, or how to see public annotations in the stream, I step back from the logistical demonstrations to describe an emerging example that there is a group of scientists who are concerned about the popular media's presentation of climate change and climate science. They have organized an online annotation effort to effectively fact check the media. In that way, I try to justify my interest and excitement about online annotation. Digital notes in online margins are not just a tool for bookworms, they are a tool for bookworm activists. (Source)

See how Climate Feedback (Link) is adding an annotation layer of peer review to news stories with Hypothesis (Link).

The question is, who is looking at and using this kind of peer review?

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