Blockchains: It’s Complicated [...]

A cautionary note about the blockchain hype. During the year that we have been working on this project, blockchain-based certification systems have become a hot topic (type the term into Google and see for yourself). Needless to say, much of the rhetoric has been exaggerated (and the same is true for some of the criticism). One important takeaway for us has been that the blockchain is a lot more complicated than most people make it out to be. Building applications on top of it–which is what we did–is getting easier, but there are still very few people who deeply understand its inner workings (and we don’t consider ourselves part of that group). The blockchain is not a simple solution that will fix everything that is wrong with today’s credentials. But it does offer some possibilities for improving the system we have today–and that’s what we are excited to explore. (Source)

When very smart people are challenged to explain a technology (or any concept) what does it signal? Often explanations are couched in "it's really quite simple", with blockchains, the opposite.

Likewise Distributed Trust Systems Are Complicated

But for academia it is important that Certifications are Verifiable

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