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Upon launching an Exam, Candidates will be presented with an Exam console, which is composed of three sections:

Help Center Panel (left) – houses chat box to allow communication with the Proctor and buttons to Show Testing Rules, End Exam, Refresh Exam Window, and Reset Console. Refresh Exam Window refreshes the Linux Server Terminal panel furthest to right without reloading the entire webpage, Reset Console resets the HTML terminal application and flushes all firewall settings on the Candidate's server. Content Panel (center) – contains Exam objectives (the exam questions, tasks, etc.), describes the point value of an objective, and displays a countdown timer for the Exam at the top.   Linux Server Terminal (right) – panel that displays the terminal of a Linux server (right). Please see below list of instructions for the terminal.  Candidates will need to perform the list of Exam objectives by executing command-line tasks on the Linux server terminal. Proctors will be able to see the Candidate's desktop and view the Candidate through the webcam.  (Source)

The Linux Foundation certification is structured around performing tasks, with facilities for proctor observation. Being a technical oriented task, the assessment lends itself to automated processes.

It is also time-based (2 hours).

The RedHat certification (Link) seems to run in a similar fashion - proctored exams from a special testing station.

Red Hat’s certification program is consistent, reliable, and trusted. Exams are hands-on, making them better indicators of your proficiency. Each exam tests your ability to perform actual IT tasks just as you will on the job.

With expanded testing locations around the world, Red Hat Individual Exams can help you prove your skills and prepare for a global marketplace. You can take Red Hat certification exams as an individual exam on a secure, personal testing station at a Red Hat or Red Hat partner location.

Red Hat Individual Exams allow you to schedule an exam at a time and location that is convenient for you. Prepare at your own pace and take your exam on a testing station near you.

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