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Open Practice Competencies

Distinguishing between open and closed licensing.

Contributing web resources using the appropriate licensing to give others credit.

Making web resources available under an open license.

Advocating for the web as an open and public resource. (Source)

The Mozilla Web Literacy (Link) and their general collection of Teaching Activities (Link) offer an menu of activities related to understand the web.

Built on the Mozilla Tools (Link) the activities are less a pathway, but more of a menu of activities individuals can choose, plus wrappers of Teaching Kits for those that might be running sessions with the activities.

All of them are geared towards producing something that does get published in the open, as a demonstration of a literacy or web skill, and individuals thus end up with a portfolio of some sorts.

In terms of a pedagogy, the learner choice modality parallels the idea of the DS106 Open Assignment Bank (Link) which has been transformed into a WordPress Theme github used in a variety of contexts to create "banks" of activities that can also have responses completed connected as examples.

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