Reading Expands TV Mutes The Mind [...]

If I read I have the time to stop, pause and reflect on what I have been reading. I can go back and re-read as many times as I want a passage that it's not clear to me.

Reading with interest, helps my mind stay alert, active and to have the time to pose questions and analyze things instead of taking them for granted just because someone has said them.

Watching TV does the exact opposite. It mutes each and every to attempt to analyze, inquire, question. It is a stream that requires your undivided attention to follow the action, the news, the sport play. You are so immersed you have no more perspective.

You become a sponge that absorb someone else messages, agenda. (Source)

Robin Good shares tools but also reflections on the connected life from his rather remote island location on Terceira in the Azores.

This newsletter cites his "hack" for getting faster internet service by ordering an internet package with TV, but then disconnecting the TV from his router.

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