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This widespread opposition was confirmed in April of this year by a scientific poll conducted by Coleman Dahm and Associates which found that 71.6% of Arizonans are against the proposed national monument. While some special-interest groups have commissioned push polls and manipulated job numbers in attempting to show support for this misguided proposal, Arizonans have made it clear that they oppose this land grab and that future management of this area should be driven by a collaborative process that includes local stakeholders. (Source)

US Congressman Paul Gosar (Link) has made a career of opposing the Obama adminsitration. Here, arguing against the establishment of the Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument, Gosar describes a poll as "scientific" implying it has weight.

The science of polling is even more suspect than ever; the science of this is the methodology of reporting margins of sampling error.

The poll result PDF indicates that Gosar claims a representative view of the state of Arizona from a recorded phone call sent to 499 people, in which they responded to a single question:

The federal, state and tribal governments in Arizona already own 81.8 percent of all Arizona land, leaving just 18.2 percent open to private owners. Do you support the special interests’ effort to lock up 1.7 million more acres in Northern Arizona by presidential executive order - which could kill jobs, harm tourism, agriculture and water rights, and prevent hunting and fishing?

The wording of this question "special interests' effort" "lock up" "kill jobs" reveals an obvious non-neutral bias.

The summary also includes Democrats in the statement that a "majority in the 4th Congressional District oppose the proposed land grab" (again, biases language) yet the results show that 50% of Democrats agreed with the question

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